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Al Masah Capital Limited

Al Masah Capital Limited was established in 2010 by Shailesh Dash, in order to provide fund raising and advisory services and access the opportunities provided primarily in Alternative Investments in the Middle East and North Africa region, for individuals and entities wishing to participate in such markets. The focus is to provide in depth expertise, generate consistent and predictable returns on investment and set the standards for the industry. The company finds the greatest potential in the social infrastructure areas of education and healthcare.

Al Masah Capital Limited has swiftly established a reputation for bold strategy and substantial returns, for taking action rather than risks, and for unimpeachable professionalism. That approach has seen the company attract more than $1bn since inception, and is reflected in the loyalty of investors.


To build a leading fund raising & advisory institution in the MENA region and ensure it is trusted and respected by all stakeholders for the pillars upon which it rests its reputation: expertise, integrity, fairness and transparency.


The company's mission is to be the leading fund raising & advising firm in the MENA region within the next ten years, both in terms of assets under management and in terms of being the preferred employer of choice. It intends to attain this goal by offering customer centric products in private equity, real estate and asset management funds to a wide band of investors including institutional clients and family offices. It also underscores this commitment by attracting and retaining the best talent within the industry.

Al Masah Capital (Asia)

Al Masah Capital (Asia) Pte. Ltd. ("AMCA") is the Singapore subsidiary of Al Masah Capital Limited. We see promising potential in the developing South-East Asia region and an immense demand for education, healthcare and lifestyle services to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing middle income population. AMCA, is therefore incorporated in Singapore with the objective to exploit such opportunities in South-East Asia.

AMCA began operations in Singapore in September 2013 after securing regulatory approvals from the local regulatory authority, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and aims to advise AMCL's clients on their operations in South East Asia.

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