Al Masah Capital’s Asset Management service provides investors with the opportunities to invest in the MENA markets. The primary objective is to achieve optimum total returns, commensurate with a reasonable degree of risk.

Currently, managed funds are targeted at the MENA region as well as regional structured products across asset classes. We offer funds on conventional asset class bases (equity and fixed maturity), and special funds.

The team has an extensive network and deep regional relationships across government, private and public institutions, including access to top management of blue chip companies, international banks and financial investment houses.

Al Masah Capital’s Portfolio Management Team has substantial experience in investing in regional and international markets, which combined with their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the region enables them to take a dynamic and proactive approach.

Al Masah Capital has set up funds in Luxembourg and Cayman Islands for retail and institutional investors. We are the first MENA investment house to launch a UCITS IV compliant Luxembourg domiciled investment vehicle. We are able to offer both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Mandates to institutional, corporate and individual clients, and can provide Sharia compliant solutions.

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