Portfolio Management

In addition to creating its own investment vehicles and funds, Al Masah Capital provides a specialized portfolio management service with a dedicated and tailored regional approach.

These customized portfolios will follow Al Masah Capital's investment philosophy and also involve customization for investors.

We provide a dedicated discretionary portfolio management service that is customized and designed for specific areas of the client's portfolio.

Taking into account investment horizon, client requirements and complexity of the portfolio, the investment team repositions existing portfolios dynamically. It gives current "dead" portfolios fresh momentum, generating returns based on prevailing market opportunities.

Portfolio Construction

We begin with a comprehensive fundamental valuation and technical analysis platform. This is used to create a universe of 100-150 stocks with the criteria being market capitalisation, market turnover and weightage in the index. We then match the portfolio holdings to maximum 15-20 stocks from the above universe, or selected according to the type of client, whose portfolio is being constructed. The specific weighting of each individual stock is based either on matching it directly to the valuation model, or by applying an underweight/overweight/neutral rationale.

The final design of the portfolio and securities selected will reflect client’s investment objective and risk profile.

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