Social Responsibility

“Our commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every investment decision our clients make. Al Masah Capital encourages its clients (Avivo Group, Al Najah Education, Diamond Lifestyle and Gulf Pinnacle Logistics) to engage in CSR by designing an efficient framework and incorporating a responsible philosophy at every level of their rapidly growing organization”.

CSR and Our Business

Al Masah Capital is committed to being a responsible company and making a positive contribution to society and the environment. This helps us inspire trust in our brand, develop strong relationships with our stakeholders, and create long-term value for society and our business.

The Al Masah approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to use our expertise and partnerships to create a positive impact. We believe that being socially responsible is good for people and the planet, and essential to the long-term sustainability of our business. Like everything else we do, CSR at Al Masah is founded on ethical business practices and effective governance.

We strive to work with CSR experts in order to operate responsibly; create an engaging workplace for our employees and develop businesses that have a positive social impact.

We have signed a partnership agreement with Dubai Cares, and are engaging them extensively to assess and enhance our CSR approach, performance, and reporting. Of course there are challenges. And we work diligently to address these challenges. By doing so, Al Masah will become a stronger, even more responsible and resilient business.

We have outlined the following issues that are most important to our businesses and to our stakeholders:

Governance and Ethics

Good governance and ethical conduct provide the foundation for everything we do at Al Masah. They help us earn trust, manage risks, foster sustainable growth, and build a resilient business. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We aim to tackle challenging issues head on, make our communications and processes simple, hold everyone accountable, and empower all our employees to do what’s right.

Our code of business conduct, as well as our internal policies and compliance training, helps employees make ethical decisions.

The success of our business depends on earning the trust of our investors, stakeholders and partners. That’s why we place such importance on strong governance practices and ethical conduct.

Our People

Our employees contribute significantly to our shared vision. Al Masah’s success depends on our ability to attract, retain, and develop talented people. We offer attractive benefits and career opportunities, and foster an inclusive work culture that promotes innovation and inspires our employees to perform at their best.

We respect and care for each other through an open environment that offers our employees opportunities to learn and grow. We encourage employees to gain new skills and experience, and to develop their careers at Al Masah. Open communication, within offices and across different locations, helps us work well together and always strive to do the right thing.

Collaboration is at the heart of our culture. Al Masah enables people to collaborate with colleagues across our offices. Employees share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and recognize achievements to help us succeed together. We also promote flexible working environment that can enhance our employee’s health and well-being by enabling them to better balance work and personal commitments.


We use our expertise and partnership to make a positive contribution to society. We work with our CSR experts to build thriving communities, improve people’s lives, and support the long-term success of our businesses.

Al Masah with the help of its private equity advisory clients strives to meet some of society’s biggest challenges that include improving access to healthcare in remote regions and enable health professionals to share expertise.

Partnership with Dubai Cares

As part of the partnership agreement with Dubai Cares, Al Masah Capital and its clients will support Dubai Cares in the following ways:

a)    Diamond Lifestyle commits to donate from its participating restaurants. The participating restaurants include: All outlets of Johnny Rockets, Café Rouge and La Porte Des Indes
b)    Diamond Lifestyle to place Dubai Cares donation boxes in all outlets of Johnny Rockets in Dubai
c)    Avivo Group to Place Dubai Cares donation boxes in all the medical facilities in Dubai
d)    Al Najah Pioneering Education will support Dubai Cares’ Philanthropic Award in Schools initiative by confirming the participation of their schools in Dubai

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